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Emplast's heritage dates back to 1926. Our highly experienced consultants and installation teams are the best in the industry. Their knowledge and expertise are your guarantee of a successful, long term solution.

Whether it is the complete refurbishing of ancient concrete wine tanks from the nineteenth century or the pre-emptive lining of state-of-the-art units in a petrochemical tank farm, our fully trained and dedicated operations and quality control personnel ensure that the application process of the selected protection system is correct in every detail. We fully expect any system we apply to deliver and possibly exceed the performance claimed by the manufacturer.

Although Emplast is the sole southern African licensee for world renowned Munkadur® and Permatex products, we are free to recommend the use of any manufacturer's product and will do so if we feel that this will best serve our client's interests.

All products we recommend comply with stringent international standards. Our skill, expertise and cutting-edge cleaning and application technology complement these products.

Emplast (Pty) Ltd will install tank lining and surface coating solutions that will protect your equipment, your product and your bottom line for decades to come.


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